Astuces de photographie

How to properly photograph your dog?

At Tella & Stella, we hold all the secrets for successful canine photos. From preparation to the photo shoot, we finally reveal our tips for putting your companions in the spotlight!

To ensure a result that meets your expectations, it is important to know some key concepts of photography:

- Avoid days that are too sunny. In fact, it is preferable to do these sessions on cloudier days. The colors will be more vibrant!

- Avoid backlighting and position your dog facing natural light. The image will be clearer and you will avoid dark areas.

- Clean your lens. We don’t want a blurry photo, do we?

Once these basics have been learned, we can take action!

Before the photo shoot, here’s what you need to do:

Wash the dog’s face and eyes. The goal is to remove all the small imperfections on the muzzle, eyes and mouth. You can use a simple tissue or a small damp washcloth.


Brush the hair! Whether your dog has short or long hair, we brush everything to untangle the knots in the neck and on the head. He’ll look like he came straight from the grooming salon!

Pro tip

Wear neutral clothing to make your dog stand out. After all, he’s the star!

During the photo session, here are our must-haves:

Brings stimuli! Whether it’s their favorite toy, their favorite treat or their favorite bone, having these items is necessary to capture their gaze towards the camera and maintain their attention. After a few clicks, reward him!

Prioritize a quiet place. A familiar environment or one without major distractions will help create the perfect photo. Also, encouraging photo sessions with only one dog at a time can greatly help. Our model will be more relaxed and attentive!

Finally, here are some examples of easy poses to do:

- Crouch down next to your companion to be at their height

- Place yourself in a higher or lower place than the photographer, this will create dynamism in your photo

- Look in the same direction as your companion

- Take your dog in your arms and give him a kiss!

Pro tip

Adapt to the size of the dog. To capture a beautiful portrait, it is important to choose poses adapted to the size of your animal.

If your dog is small, you can take him in your arms, place him on you or on a nearby surface.

If your dog is large, you can try to ‘squat at your height or remain standing.

There you go, you now have all our best tips for capturing wonderful memories with your dog! Don’t hesitate to share your creations with us by tagging @Tella & Stella on your photos, we want to see them!