"I wanted to create products in which humans and dogs would recognize themselves."

Alex Founder - Tella & Stella™

Our history

Alex, our founder, didn't really recognize himself in the dog product offering and often found that a touch of originality was missing in the products he bought for his companion Stella.

Eager to offer up-to-date accessories and with a wealth of experience in the field, in 2019 he created the Tella & Stella™ brand, in honor of his sidekick Stella. By combining his first name "Stella" and her nickname "Tella", he makes sure to relate with the reality of several handlers.

Our team

We work with local artists to create creative, unique and refreshing designs. As for the management team, we work with the crème de la crème for our online store and marketing.

Our products

Our collars and leashes are aimed at living room athletes and fans of long, stylish walks. Our products are thought out and designed for walking but not for climbing Kilimanjaro. They are also very resistant though not the ideal accessory for the development of the teeth of your young puppy.

We rely on products made from quality materials and with original and unique designs.

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Our commitments

Since the situation of animal shelters is very important to us, we make sure to do our part by offering donations to organizations like Les Pattes Jaunes. In addition, we place sustainable development at the heart of our product development.